Saturday, January 26, 2013

And for our next number...

Erica Chu
This week newly minted licensed acupuncturist Erica Chu makes her debut at the clinic!
We are considering the week of January 28th – Feb 1 a “soft” opening, if you will. We’ll officially embark on a new practitioner schedule the first full week of February. So please come on out and show Erica some love: Ask for her by name. Accept no substitutes.

Shift shapers
Along with bringing Erica onboard comes our biggest scheduling changes in a while:

Following in the footsteps of some the more bustling community acupuncture clinics around the country, we are making a few adjustments to how we do things around here

One, we are now scheduling on 10 minute increments. It often works out, with walk ins and such, that we wind up seeing more than four patients per hour anyway. So we are just formalizing this. To accomplish this, and to accommodate three practitioners, we had to have a very large custom schedule book printed. We’d like to see your name written in it.

Secondly, we are compressing some shifts: so where before a given practitioner might work 6 hours, we are squeezing that down to four in some instances. The idea behind all of this is to keep the treatment room full and your acupuncturist acupuncturing. That’s how this works best.

And last, we are expanding our hours here and there. Starting Feb. 4th, we will be open until 8pm Monday thru Thursday, and 10-4 Friday thru Sunday We will consider going later on Fridays if there is a demand. And likewise, we will eventually open earlier at some point...but for now 10am continues to feel mighty civilized to us, and works.

Keep an eye out around town for some nifty new patient coupons, and some groovy new posters and flyers. We’ve got an extraordinary team happening here, and look forward to spending some quality nap time with you in 2013.