Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daring to Cross the Great Ben White Divide

We relocated to the Ben White access road - on the South side - as of July, 2009. This was a bold move, no doubt. We did this because our lease was up, and our landlord on South Lamar proved to be an absolute nightmare (and still is some three months after leaving). We decided the price of being in a increasingly "hip" part of town simply wasn't worth it. Besides, 99% of our customers drove their cars to get to us anyway.

We never wanted to land in a commercial strip center. But after three years of dealing with one ridiculous situation after another on South Lamar, we were willing to explore the possibilities.

What we found is: a space that is significantly larger for less money; a totally likable landlord that treats us like human beings; a lease that is joyfully straightforward; and a management company that was willing to do all of the make ready to our space to our liking. The space is quieter, and we have a great view of the sky and the green edge of South Austin out our front windows. We have found beauty in the unlikeliest of places.