Thursday, November 3, 2011

Special things

As a community acupuncture clinic we largely rely on patient word of mouth to keep this thing going.
Recently, we've come up with a couple of ways to say thank you to existing patients for their efforts.

First, we are rolling out the SACA Frequent Poking Plan. Tres simple: You get nine treatments, and your tenth is free! These are available at the front desk and look like this:

We also have a referral program we're trying out. With this, you hand out cards to friends who haven't tried us yet. These cards will have your name on them. When we get five of them back, you'll get a free treatment. These look like this:

This is a great way for you to help spread the word, and get a little something extra for your efforts.

If there is anything else you can do to help, all help is appreciated. Pick up a few flyers next time you're in. Wear you're SACA "I sleep with strangers at..." t-shirt. Display your SACA bumper sticker proudly.
Anything, and every little thing helps. We are, after all, all in this together.