Saturday, September 29, 2012

In the hour of the wolf

Not to disparage wolves....but sometime in the wee hours of September 28th, our front door was smashed in; computer, money, and a camera taken. While painful certainly, I feel strangely less violated than when I have had my house ripped off in the past. Maybe it's because, although I am an owner, South Austin Community Acupuncture is a public place ultimately. That feels like a kind of buffer somehow. And so it becomes more a matter of just cleaning up the mess, piecing together data from a few days, and moving forward. It's unfortunate that this individual hit a business whose mission is to serve their fellow man, but so it is.
    I came home after a long day of cleaning up and tending to insurance and police reports and such, and I sat in my yard staring at a glorious Live Oak, my two canine companions cheerfully at my side, and the woman who is soon to be my wife. I counted my blessings. The inconveniences of the day a small thing comparatively. Whatever suffering is driving that individual to steal is greater than any suffering I have known. My very humble world is resplendent with little treasures of all kinds: the little purple flowers that open up on the fence line in the morning, the countless interactions with the many fine folks who come to us at South Austin Community Acupuncture with all manner of this and that, and on and on....every vantage point a place of beauty.
     And so today we are back, with a boarded up door that is not so much a thing of beauty at all. But we are here, same as we were the days before, ready to do what we love doing the most.